Friday, June 19, 2009

God is GREAT!

I just wanted to share how wonderful God has been to me! My family is amazing! I don't know why God chose to bless me so abundantly with my husband and children, but I sure am thankful He did! The 4 of us have so much fun together. We work side by side to keep our place running, we all work together to help each other practice for whatever event is coming up, we encourage and pray for each other, listen to each other, and share in whatever joy or sorrow we are having. Last night, after a long, HOT practice session in the roping pen, Cody, Michaela and I "plotted" against Randy to start a water fight. We had the water guns stashed behind the shed and got him when he wasn't expecting it. Of course, it turned into a full blown water fight among us all! It really hit me afterward when Cody came up, put his arm around me and said, "We have a lot of fun together, don't we Ma". And, yes, we do! So, cherish your family. Spend time with each other. Love and encourage each other. Most of all, thank God for every minute you have with your family!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

State Rodeo Finals

Girls will be girls! We spent the week in Jackson, MS and it was HOT! Michaela and her friends found a way to cool off! Yep, that is a tarp in the back of a truck and filled with water. Aren't they smart!

Michaela and her ribbon roping partner >
< Michaela and her team roping partner

Cody and JD on their way to help at the Special Needs Rodeo that was sponsored by the Mississippi High School Rodeo Student Officers. We had a great turn out! We had 16 special needs contestants and 14 high school students willing to help out. They all had a great time.

Cowboy Prom 2009

Cody and Michaela went to Cowboy Prom at the state rodeo finals this past week. They had a blast. Of course, Cody watched his little sister closely!